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Ok, here's the deal. I'm going to post real life stuff publicly, but all Harry Potter and other obsession-type stuff *cough*Sherlock*cough* will go in the fandom filter.

If you would like to be added to my fandom filter, comment here.
I must be able to tell you're a fandom person or else no dice. Sorry. It's nothing bad, I just don't like to announce my insanity to the world, and you probably don't want to read it, anyways.

slow fall

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Things on my mind:

I have so many events I'd love to go to and friends I would love to visit. This would be so much easier if I got paid to do that type of thing. But with how negative and somewhat hateful everyone seems to be these days, I don't know if I'd ever have a thick enough skin to legit get into the spotlight. I mean, there's the little problem of choosing what to become well known in, but I feel like if I ever chose one path and really gave it my all, that I could succeed. But weh, I am lazy and I don't want to deal with hate. So instead I will just keep on doing what I do and looking for opportunities to go visit friends and attend cons.

I'm going to go read fic on my porch now to celebrate having sorted through some of my clutter for moving. Honestly I didn't do much, but I still feel accomplished.

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Oh my god, Livejournal looks so weird right now, it's changed format and I'm not used to it. I wonder how many of my people are still on here?

warning: kinda gross

The ongoing drama of my split lip:

So I split my own lip on my snaggle tooth. It happens every once in a while, like every few years.

The problem with a split lip, though, is that I move my mouth a lot.

More than a lot.

Pretty much constantly.

If I'm not talking, I'm either smiling or eating or yawning or moving my mouth in some other way.

This time is no different. I split it like a week ago being clumsy and it has opened up again like 35 times. It's already popped open again this morning. It's not even deep anymore.

At first I superglued it closed. That worked okay but looked horrible. But then it got nasty.

So I cleaned it out with rubbing alcohol and flailed about in pain for a bit because rubbing alcohol.

After recovering from the rubbing alcohol, my lip scabbed up quickly. It looked fine and it held for over 24 hours, so I thought yeah, this is the end.


So I wake up the next morning and the scab is huge and bloody. Obviously it got a bit loosened while I slept. But it made it through my shift at work, so I thought I was in the clear.


I got home and it broke and my lip bled more than it's ever bled before. I managed to keep it clean until my blood finally clotted. It made it through the night and even looked much better. Then this morning it broke open again.


I just move my mouth too much!

I'm not looking for advice, just complaining.

This happens every time and I just need to keep still long enough for it to heal. I might also steal a butterfly clip from the first aid kit at work.

But other than the lip, I am doing fine. Getting really excited for visiting Atlanta! And for 221B Con!
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Firstly, my turtles are finally coming back to life. During the winter they barely ever ate or even moved, but now they're eating tons and swimming around like the adorable little sea puppies they are. Unfortunately, that also means they're back to fighting over food no matter how much I spread it out. Seriously, turtle babies, you guys don't have to fight over one piece when there's like twenty more within grabbing distance.

I've been doing more art and been wanting to do more writing, but apparently I don't have time for both. I really need to get back into sewing and costuming mode. I did write an article for a book on the new series of Doctor Who. It's not going to be a big well-known book or anything, but it still feels good to feel like I am actively participating in life.
 I feel like I've been pretty subdued here in Chicago. I don't feel like I have as many adventures.

For 221B Con, I am going to take a week for Atlanta and spend some quality time with people. Hopefully it will help me with my nearly constant homesickness, either by making me realize why I left or by making it worse and convincing me that my urge to move back is more than just my "grass is greener" attitude.

Snow is pretty, but it doesn't make you want to go outside for half the year.


Look at these adorable turtle puppyfaces! Babies!
You see the little dark spot on his shell scales? That used to be the size of his entire shell scale. They're not that big, but sometimes I forget just how teensy tiny they used to be.

Okay, back to cleaning. I have house guests this weekend, so I'm being all host-like and cleaning. But, you know, that requires a lot of internet breaks.
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bitch plz!

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I think I might trim my hair a bit too short between 221B Con and Convergence... I dunno, I need a change.

Ode to a Curry

You are so tasty
Where did this leaf come from
I want to keep eating long after I'm done
Seriously is this like half leaves?

It was good, though.

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So I have this coworker that I have to actively not fuck with because of her odd knowledge gaps. To give you an idea of what I am dealing with, after somehow getting on the topic of Hitler (like you do), she looked up the wikipedia article on him and then after some reading stated "I didn't know the holocaust was that bad."

"I didn't know the Holocaust was that bad."

"I didn't know the Holocaust was that bad."


Understatement of the year award. Anyway, today we got on the topic of white tigers and I mentioned how they are inbred and activists are trying to get people to stop breeding them. Then she asked why inbreeding was bad. I realized it was a losing battle about when I was telling her about Mendel and inheritance.

Mind-boggling coworker aside, I come bearing pictures!

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