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I accidentally the Livejournal...

now with typos!

Testiclat McJunkpunch
25 September 1984
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Hi, I'm Sasha. I am a jack of all creative trades. I write, draw, paint, sculpt, sew, do makeup art, costuming, hair, acting, comedy, and basically anything that strikes my fancy.
I love Harry Potter, Pirates, the Victorian era, and other random things. I get strange obsessions, like umbrellas or coats. I will pretty much wear or say anything, I don't really care if I seem weird. My hair changes colors a lot and I move a lot. I have changed my major in college about 6 times, and have gone to two colleges and still do not have a degree. I am impulsive, but rarely take serious risks. As I am lazy, the drawings on this journal are now few and far between, but I will try to post pictures often. If you want to be on the fandom filter, you need to request to be on it, and I need to be able to tell you're a fandom-type person. You don't have to know me to read my journal, I don't mind random people and I love random commenters.

Buy art from me here: www.wrinkledhermit.etsy.com
Stare at art from me here: www.damnitsasha.deviantart.com

i'm in slytherin!

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